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Ghosts on the Coast: A Visit to Savannah and the Low Country

Ghosts, pirates and tales of the South make history once again come alive for the Johnson family. Jane R. Wood brings another adventure, this one of the ghostly kind, to the Johnson kids as they explore Savannah, Charleston and Pawleys Island, South Carolina on their summer vacation.

Seen through the eyes of 14-year-old Joey, 10-year-old Bobby and 5-year-old Katy as they accompany their writer mom on her travels, they learn about some of the challenges of the early settlers, the boldness of greedy pirates, and the determination of several feisty women who helped save some the architectural heritage of these historic Southern towns.

Along the way they hear stories of ghosts and even encounter a few of the haunting spirits, never knowing if they are real or imagined. Young readers won’t know they’re learning history; they’ll only know they’re having fun as they follow these kids on their latest adventure.

Ghosts on the Coast: A Visit to Savannah and the Low Country is the fourth in a series of five juvenile fiction books which feature the Johnson family. These books are intended for young readers, ages 9-14. Other books in the series include: Voices in St. Augustine (2008); Adventures on Amelia Island: A Pirate, A Princess, and Buried Treasure (2007); Trouble on the St. Johns River (2008); and Lost in Boston (2015).

Mom's Choice Award – Silver Recipient

Lexile Measure: 790

Accelerated Reader Book: AR Quiz # 181676

  • Book Level: 5.2
  • AR Points: 4.0



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