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Schools: A Niche Market
for Authors

Many authors want to know how they can market their books to schools. Award-winning author and former teacher Jane R. Wood shares the many strategies she has used since 2004 to successfully market and sell her books to schools.

In her new e-book titled Schools: A Niche Market for Authors published authors will learn how to:

  • Contact schools
  • Create educational resources for their book
  • Develop dynamic presentations for an author visit
  • Provide positive reinforcement to the schools’ curricula

Wood shows how both teachers and students can benefit from a meaningful connection with a published author.

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"When I read Schools: A Niche Market for Authors by former teacher and current author Jane R. Wood, I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the help provided. Ms. Wood not only delivers a book totally jam-packed with applicable information, she also makes it interesting by giving examples of things that did or didn’t work in her own experience.  Ms. Wood gives examples of her own work throughout to make it easier. If you are going to promote yourself to a school, everything you need is bundled up in this one book. You can’t ask for anything better than that."

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